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In this article we will talk about two major types of websites and try to understand the basic advantage of static and dynamic websites.

Web sites are now part of our businesses and used to expands our services all over the world. We can define our business and share to the people who are looking for the services we are providing. There are two major types of websites that can be used for our business.

  1. Static websites
  2. Dynamic websites

Static Websites

Static Websites are that type of website in which our content is defined and same for all its users. There are also few numbers of pages and the content in these pages remains the same wherever the static websites are being viewed.

We can use only html files to design our static website and promote our business to the web. Once our content is defined, we have to change it through the files if needed. Mostly html, css and javascript are used to develop static websites. There is no need to use any server side scripting language for static website. As we know the content is defined, static websites also no need to connect to any database because there is no activity regarding to the database on the static website.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are the kind of website where the content can be changed according to the user actions. A single page in dynamic website may have different content for different users. Content can be updated at any time.

Dynamic Websites have database required and also need server side scripting language such as php or c#. All the actions in dynamic websites are performed on the basis of database queries. When a dynamic website loads in browser user can do interact with the data and data will be changed accordingly but in case of static website user can not do anything with the data.

In the upcoming posts we will design and develop the websites and implement lot of jquery plugins and learn how to implement dynamic functionalities in the websites.


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